All of our projects go through our four step process to ensure high quality solutions that meet the intended business objectives. It is an agile and incremental process that produces better results much more quickly than the traditional “waterfall” process that many software developers employ.

Interface prototypes are used extensively to demonstrate and solidify the final application requirements. This helps us to ensure that what we are planning on building is what our clients are expecting upon its completion.

This stage is when the functional requirements are translated into the technical and interface design that the developers and designers will work from in the Develop Stage.

This is when the developers will write the actual code that makes the application do what it is supposed to do. It includes the development of database, coding of business logic, development of user interface and extensive testing.

Once the application is completed and has been fully tested it is moved from the development environment to its production environment. This is the final stage where the application goes live and users can access the application.